Documentary Film COMING SOON: Doggone Change


Environmental issues, such as Climate Change, are overwhelming. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is what we’ve been taught since our youth. As we grow older, we up the ante with electric vehicles and carpooling, reducing water usage, and using alternative energies. While all that can be helpful, many wonder what additional changes can they make to make a difference?

Doggone Change, a visionary, feature-length documentary, is the first to explore the connection between dogs and their impact on our environment. Simple changes in the way we care for man’s best friend could have a meaningful, positive influence on the well-being of our planet earth.

We all want to feel empowered to make changes that benefit the health of our environment and often feel overwhelmed or powerless about where to start or how to contribute in a realistic, impactful way. 

Unlike other environmental films, Doggone Change uncovers the connection between dogs and our environment.

Dogs are a part of our family and have a purpose in our hearts and lives. How we care for them can improve our environment.